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This is a fun graphic organizer to use during a fairy tales unit. Students will work on the elements of a story. When we get to fables.

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Multiples Posters Set

Multiples Posters Set

It took like 5 seconds and I'm pretty sure I'm not that smart😂

Can YOU spot 'your name' in this tricky word search? A massive 92 per cent of people can’t crack this puzzle I cracked this in mi.

My guess is 13

Intelligence Test Now there are loads of ways of test your intelligence but this is a great starter for a shape and space Maths lesson. Let's see how intelligent you are, how many triangles do you see? This would make a great plenary to a Maths lesson to

Lilliput Station: Geometry Puzzle {free printable} How many squares? The process of solving is what's most important. nice activity to build cooperative learning and problem solving

Smile Find - Visual Scanning Visual Discrimination Activity - Your Therapy Source

Visual Scanning Visual Discrimination Freebie - can you find all 14 smile faces that look slightly different than all the other ones?

finding the missing parts of a shape worksheet

Printable brain teaser worksheets for kids in preschool, kindergarten, grade draw line to match each shape on the left with its missing part on the right to make a whole shape.

mental maths worksheets - Google Search #Mathematics

mental maths worksheets - Google Search #Mathematics

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