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an unmade bed in front of a large window overlooking the cityscape and skyscrapers
Great shots
the view from an airplane looking down at clouds and skyscrapers
the skyline of new york city at night with skyscrapers lit up in the background
the sky is very blue and there are many buildings
a bedroom with large windows and a view of the city from it's bed
a bedroom with a view of the city at night from it's window sill
Pin by Marina Mileski on Арты in 2021 | Winter wallpaper, Aesthetic themes, Photo dump | Rainy day aesthetic, Sky aesthetic, Night aesthetic
They make me dream of my next design project. Girl Decor, Girl Apartment
How To Decorate A Room With A City View
Greetings, all you city-dwellers! And for those of you who don’t live in an area where tall buildings take center stage, this post is for you too. In fact, today’s image roundup is as much about escaping into the elegance of high-rise living as it is about actually decorating a big-city apartment.