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6 types of Dosas in Mumbai that you should try

The Dosa is another classic example. Dosa is essentially a South Indian dish made out of rice batter and eaten with potato stuffed inside it and a sambhar and coconut chatni to accompany it. It can be made crispy or soft depending on the requirement.

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DIY - Tips and tricks on how to personalize your Diwali gifts

Your joy knows no bounds when you receive a gift but giving a gift to someone you care about can be much more gratifying. Diwali is one of India’s largest gift giving festivals and that could well explain why people seem happier during this festival. The exchange of gifts increases the feeling of love and is an opportunity to show ones gratitude.

7 Mobile Camera Photography Tips

Gone are those days where we used to struggle taking pictures with our mobile phones. This generation of affordable smart phones have taken mobile phone photography to a whole new level. With a few set parameters, amazing pictures can be obtained with your own smart phone cameras.

7 Famous Vada Pav Joints in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city which never sleeps and never lets anyone go hungry offers you the iconic street food ‘The Vada Pav’. Also known as the Poor man’s burger, Vada Pav is savored by one and all Mumbaikars and visitors to the city alike.

Apple Watch : Preview and launch insights

After the much awaited iPhone 6 launch, Apple has announced their first ever smart watch - the Apple watch. This announcement was made during on stage during the iPhone6 launch event.