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an aerial view of a large house in the middle of a lush green field with mountains in the background
the water is crystal blue and clear with some rocks in it's foreground
Torre di Porto Giunco - Villasimius - Sardegna
Sardegna 2024: Alta Sartoria
The delicate art of embroidery echoed through the #DGAltaSartoria collection, presented at Forte Village, is inspired by Sardinia’s floral splendour during the Sant’Efisio parade celebrations. The intricate floral motifs, petit point embroidery and luxurious fabrics such as silk and brocade adorned with vibrant #DGFattoAMano details, epitomize #MadeInItaly excellence.
a rock formation with several holes in it
Necropoli di Prunittu - Sorradile - Sardegna
a large rock formation with a small hole in it's center and two smaller rocks at the top
Emin Ağa Definesi - Define İşaretleri Araştırma Konuları
Emin Ağa Definesi - Define İşaretleri Araştırma Konuları
a large house sitting on top of a cliff next to a body of blue water
Vacation Destinations
Vacation Rental House by OS|A
a man sitting on the side of a snow covered mountain next to a climbing rope
Grandes Jorasses- No Siesta // European Climbs
a woman is sitting in the grass next to a van
Off Road Times 31/01/2024🌪️Crazy 4x4 Off-Road Showdown: Fails, Wins, and Insane Mud Challenges! 💥