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My Dear Lord, devotees like Vyasadeva & Narada know You to be the Personality of Godhead. Your characteristics,Your form & Your activities & one can thus understand that You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Yamunacarya. Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 24.


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✨ SHRI KRISHNA ✨ Artist: Hari Om “My dear Lord, Your two lotus feet are so beautiful that they appear like two blossoming petals of the lotus flower which grows during the...



Krishna-lila 068 - Krishna-lila in Vraj : Кришна-лила во Врадже - Галерея

You all can see Shri Krishna's love for mother cow.. He really loved cows so much..!! And Now we've to think that what we're doing for mother cow..!! Nothing...!! You can see cows now a days very frequently finding her food in the garbage..!! Some people are killing cows in slaughter houses very cruelly to earn money..!! I just I've one question for all of you.. If our real mother will stop giving us milk or anything else .. Should we through her out of homes..?? I know the answer must be…