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The roof is designed like this
Cozinha E Sala Integrada, Sala Pequeña, Sala, Decoraçao Sala, Aptos, Small Apartment Kitchen, Small Studio Apartments, Small Home Interior Design
Conforto e Qualidade de Vida em 27m2 - Casa de Valentina
an overhead view of a small room with a bed, desk, and other items
Студия 27 кв.м. с хитро спрятанным спальным местом. Смотрим, как всё разместили
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall above it
ЖК Сампо 40м²
an overhead view of a living room and bedroom in one floor plan, with furniture on the other
Northwest Fresno Home Builders | G.J. Gardner Homes USA