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a woman holding a bouquet of flowers and a red book with writing on the cover
#IncisaNuvolataBordeaux Vinaccia
Incisa Nuvolata Bordeaux Vinaccia stampa Oro Metallizzato per Valeria! Congratulazioni!❤️ #laurea #lingue @universitàdicatania
a purple and white wreath next to a purple book
Velluto Violetto stampa Argento Metallizzato per Antonella Pia ❤️ #LaureaAesthetic #Laurea #TesiDiLaurea @universitàdibarialdomoro
the red ribbon is tied up next to two cards and some other items on the table
a watercolor drawing of a bow with leaves and berries on the side, in red
a woman's hands holding a coffee cup with pink flowers and candy canes
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Chai Lover😍
a drawing of a woman with long black hair holding three balloons in her right hand
Девушка на торт