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Shiv Yog,Mah Shivay,Baby,Serenity,Bliss,Spiritual

Fabulous artwork available on! "Shiva-2_66803" by NP Razeshwarr Acrylic On Canvas, Size(inches): 24X30 See more artworks by NP Razeshwarr at:

The Hindu festival of Nag-Panchami, observed during the monsoon and sees prayers and tributes to snakes, is observed by many as the day of victory of Hindu God Lord Krishna over the Kaliya snake leading to Krishna also being known as 'Kaliya Mardan

#TemplesofIndia, WONDERS OF ANCIENT INDIA: The awe inspiring Kailash / Kailasa Temple, Ellora Caves, Nr Aurangabad, Maharashtra. (Carved out from a single 120 feet high rock! in the 8th century AD, dedicated to Lords Shiva & Parvati) by