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Love these boys!!!!! Amazing voices and they have made a huge stand for bullying. GO BARS AND MELODY

Bars and Melody.I love them so much. There song "Hopeful" is one of my favourite. I listen to it every day and never get tired of it.

I love Bratayley

I first watched their very first vid I got a little bored watching the first half but kept watching and it's like we have been growing up together and I hope they never stop making videos❤️


Caleb died October 2015 at He was a great person. And he will be missed. But we still have the rest of the bratayley team. So pray for them, and keep watching bratayley

Merida Curls {No-Heat} from Brave for Halloween @Emma Zangs Judd @Sydney Martin Smoot @Karli Byerly Farnes

Merida Curls {No-Heat} from Brave! this picture is wonderful and really shows how the curls turn out when you use straws! So creative!

No-Heat Straw Curls

straw curls - The idea is to take small sections of slightly-damp hair, wrap/roll them tightly with a straw, and then tie the straw into a first-stage of a knot. The straws actually hold up fairly well.