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How Does Hinduism Differ From Buddhism? [Google Questions Answered]

Curious to know what people were wondering about Hindus and Hinduism, I went to Google and entered some prompts. For example, I typed "How Does Hinduism"

CDC Indian Dancer by julbrossi on DeviantArt

Character Design Challenge - Indian Dancer More on: CDC Indian Dancer

Creative keeda (Manipulation Work)

Manipulation Work of mineCreative Retouching

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1947 august 15 th news paper.....!!


Amit Bhar, 1973 | Abstract Watercolor painter

Amit Bhar is a famous Indian watercolor painting artist. Amit Bhar was born in Hooghly chinsurah (west Bengal). Even as a child his first love was art. At the age of sixteen while at the Calcutta Govt. Art College, Amit was blessed with the guidance of Shri Paresh Das, a noted artist and gold medallist. Subsequently he gained further insights into art under the famous Subal Jana and Niloy Ghosh, who together enriched his style. He was also inspired by Bikash Bhattacharya and Suhas Roy during…

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Bihar Hatwa: Auction prices, signatures and monograms

Art auction results, signatures and monograms of artist Bihar Hatwa on Findartinfo

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Lust Worthy Designer Wear ~ Deepak Perwani

Photographs courtesy A. Bilgrami Tweet Share 0 +1 Email

Royalty & their Jewelry

Maharaja and Maharani of Kurupam Resplendent in her Basra pearls, diamonds and sapphires, the Maharani of Kurupam wears a semi transparent silk...

Green Tara Mantra Meaning and Benefits - Arya Tara Mantra

The Green Tara mantra, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha, entreats to the compassion and the guidance that Goddess Tara can offer to devotees.

Bronze Vishnu with Avatars & Ashtalakshmi 74"

Vishnu is a masterpiece! His huge form dominates the sculpture. He holds a fly whisk, conch shell, discus and a large gada or club. Flanking him are Hanuman and his vehcile, Garuda. Both stand with their hands pressed together in the anjali mudra or the Namaste hand position. Garuda, Hanuman and Vishnu's large club were all cast separately and can be removed from the sculpture. Surrounding the lotus base Vishnu stands upon are the 8 forms of Vishnu's wife, Lakshmi called…

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Vintage Indian Clothing

Rajasthan princes, 1920s. Possibly grooms since both wear sehras. Rather different from the curtain kind of flower sehra you normally see, also looks a little uncomfortable. The sherwani of pic 1 is...

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These Old Photographs Of India’s Monuments Will Take You To A Time Not Your Own

India’s beauty cannot be best described in words; only pictures have the power to convey the story of the rich Indian history. Pictures of our monuments, from whatever time they are, evoke a sense …

history of indian flags

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