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a monkey sitting in a bathtub with chains hanging from it's sides
Chicago Zoological Society - Wheel Barrow Top
there are many different types of toothbrush holders on the floor with holes in them
Giraffe Food Bucket Variety
Giraffe Food Bucket Variety (credits to Rachel Puncher)
a small animal sticking its head into a wall with a toothbrush in it's mouth
Tube rolling feeder
Tube rolling feeder
a large green tube sitting on top of a wooden platform
Tube Teeter-totter​ -
This simple PVC tube-teeter totter is ideal for many small playful mammals such as meerkats or even skunks. This is also great because it is clearly a toy which when played with is sure to get a great reaction out of visitors and animal care staff alike. The simplicity of the design allows it to be easily built with common materials.
three meerkats standing on top of a wooden box
Cool small puzzle feeder box
Cool small puzzle feeder box
two cheetah cubs are eating out of their food bowls on the ground next to some tires
Tyre Ball Roller
Tyre with holes in the rim and balls inside to roll around - larger version of a toy for domestic cats
three giraffes standing next to each other in front of a wooden tree
Animal pictures of the week: 11th April 2015
An animal keeper takes measurements of the height of a giraffe at the zoo in the Everland amusement park in the city of Yongin, just south of Seoul in South Korea
a red and white bucket hanging from the ceiling
30 Brilliant Ways To Use Five Gallon Buckets On The Homestead
A five gallon bucket is a perfect container to keep water when washing your car. This is just one of many brilliant ways you can use five gallon buckets.
a person is holding a yellow piece of fabric with a sewing needle in the middle
The All Sewing Sewing Awl
Sewing with fire hose
a giraffe eating from a feeder on a tree
1st Southeast Asian Animal Enrichment and Training Workshop – Wildlife Press
Growie and Roni the giraffes make use of their long dextrous tongues to get at the carrot sticks packed in tube feeders made from PVC pipes.
a giraffe eating food from a feeder hanging on a wire with trees in the background
Twin Giraffes Born At San Francisco Zoo, Only One Survives
Brandon, a two-year-old male reticulated giraffe plays with a toy during the first ever World Giraffe Day at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in ...
two donkeys are standing in the dirt and one has a brush on it's back
Self serve back rub
three baby turtles playing with an electronic device
Animal Enrichment Day on Friday at Syracuse zoo
National Zookeeper Week includes Animal Enrichment Day on Friday
the inside of a storage room with an open door and metal mesh partition on the wall
Denver Zoo's North American river otter, Otto
PVC training chute for otters and other small carnivores. I've also seen this done with half of a crate/kennel and with heavy duty wire mesh. Both good options.
a dog is sitting in a cage with its head sticking out and his paws on the ground
Healthcare for Polar Bears! - Como Park Zoo and Conservatory
Polar bear offering his paw for a blood draw. He was trained to do this. BIG PAW!!!!
a tiger is playing with a rope in its zoo enclosure while a woman takes a photo
CAT BREEDS - Cats In Care
Hanging monkey fists are also great places to put scent enrichment (Also fun to give to other animals to scent, then hang up)
Happy Cow!
Das ist echt der Knaller und zeigt das diese Wesen sich gern wohlfühlen wollen.Lebewesen,wollen leben! Und haben ein Recht darauf!
a person is holding onto a white hoop with two orange and green handles on it
two purple and black birds eating food out of their feeders on the ground next to each other
Von der deckens Hornbill foraging toy, childrens sandbox toy. Would work for arboreal mammals, rats, small mustelids, parrots, softbills, raptors, chickens etc.
a collage of photos showing horses playing with balls
Hay Play
Hay Play Ball
two meerkats eating food from a banana peel on the floor in an enclosure
a bunch of different colored objects hanging from a metal chain on a black background,
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Bird Toy 1227 by BirdToysandMore on Etsy
a meerkat drinking from an empty bottle on the ground next to another animal
Multimedia gallery
Scent or Mealworms?
two ferrets standing next to each other on top of a pair of jeans
New blog post alert!!! This one is really exciting!! Go take a look and come back and let me k ow what you think!! #animalenrichment #zoo…
a green bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a tv remote control
Complex enrichment idea for smart parrots, to give them possibility to alter their living conditions: on custom made switch system you can plug in different appliances: for example lamp, humidifier, fan, radio, even tv. The bird operates devices from cage, there the swiches that hold a appliance are supplied with bird-safe, longer switch. Empty socket places are left without a longer switch, to tell the bird it can not control that device this time.
a red parrot sitting on top of a tree branch next to a raccoon
Foraging enrichment: Add food to a branch, and hide it in a bunch of leaved branches. Animals must search through the leaves and branches to find the food pieces. Suitable for primates, birds and rodents, but also to other animals if you use species specific foods.
there are four pictures of different birds in the zoos and one has a large bird on it's head
Love the use of the kings for feeding enrichment!
a tiger laying on top of hay next to a green ball in a tub filled with hay
Barn Girl
tiger 31 years old. world's oldest cat
a close up of a pink object on a wooden surface with two green bars attached to it
Pas-A-Fier 4" dia x 9-1/2" long by Horseman's Pride. $19.99
a pig sniffs at a plastic bottle on the grass
DIY Food Dispenser Mini Pig Enrichment For Meals & Treats -
mini pig enrichment, mini pig busy, homemade enrichment toys
a horse with its head on a blue ball
Under Construction
Nose-It Horse Treat Toy - Just Equus
a horse is jumping in the air to catch a ball with it's front legs
8 Best Horse Toys To Relieve Stall Stress (with videos)
Horse playing with Jolly Ball Horse Toy: photo of 'Sammy' by Karen Aneiro of EquiseaFarms.com
a brown horse is playing with a red ball
Home Made Horse Toys! And a few other things...
Homemade horse toys and such for all my horsey friends
a green ball hanging from a hook with instructions on how to put it in the air
Apple Stall Toy
a blue barrel mounted to the side of a wooden wall
Toys For Horses Relieve Stall Stress
HorseplayRound Mounted Stall Toy
four different colored plastic dices sitting next to each other
Pardon Our Interruption...
Elico Equine Decahedron horse ball snack treat boredom breaker stable toy 8" 10"
collage of photos showing monkey eating cookies
Christmas Enrichment for Black And White Colobus at Saint Louis Zoo
Primate Biscuit Cookies And Mashed Potato Milk
a large black bear standing next to a tree stump and holding onto a piece of wood
This is 'Gail' bear... and he's slurping honey from the honey log! Honey logs are one of the many enrichments provided for bears at our rescue centres
three chickens are standing in the grass near one another with their tails tied to a stick
11 Reasons Why You Should Be Training Your Animal To Touch A Target - The Animal Behavior Center
11 Reasons Why You Should Be Training Your Animal To Touch A Target #theanimalbehaviorcenter #targettraining
a black bird standing next to a red and blue ball
I'm… unbelievable - GIF
I'm… unbelievable
four birds are standing around in the grass
NZG | e-News: Success story for enrichment efforts with three bird species at the NZG
NZG | e-News: Success story for enrichment efforts with three bird species at the NZG
an owl sitting on top of a tree branch with a toy in it's mouth
a large black bird standing on top of a pumpkin
Parque zoológico de Barcelona. Hornbill. Calabazas con o sin agujeros
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch next to a chain hanging from it's side
Animal foraging enrichment: pipe feeder concept: Unbalanced tube with weigh on the other end. Small hole at the other end to reach the food. Hanging freely. Animal must tilt it to access the food. Tube will return to its original position after animal lets go to eat the food piece it got out.
a large lizard standing on its hind legs in front of a water faucet
Reptile animal enrichment - lizard
a blue and yellow parrot is eating something out of a metal box on top of a table
La recherche appliquée à la conservation ex situ
Enrichissement pour le ara hyacinthe © MNHN - Jérôme Munier
a piece of wood with holes in it and a chain hanging from the front end
Animal enclosures, caging, & enrichment. Zoo, vet, & lab accessories.
For Those Institutions With More Money Than Sense! $20 from Otto Environmental. It's literally a scrap piece of log, ...with a screw eye, ...drilled full of holes. Graciously priced at a mere twenty dollars. What a find.
a piece of wood that has been cut in half behind a metal mesh fence with a lock on it
Accessories - Limara - Luxury aviaries and birds
three small birds are standing in the dirt near a pipe that is laying on top of some straw
Mealworms in straw stuffed tube for meerkats or small mammals. Just watch out for tube size issues and supervise.
two pictures side by side with one cat laying down and the other lying down in hay
Peg board with hair/fur and feathers
a cat is playing with a game in its enclosure
Cats by Patricia
Honeycomb feeder for serval
a gorilla in a cage with its head on top of another animal's back
Kenya is hard at work for her treats!
a caged in area with two animals inside
La Vallée des Singes - Labyrinthe Bonobo
La Vallée des Singes - Labyrinthe Bonobo
a small toy bird sitting on top of a white table next to some green ropes
Foraging enrichment: use baby bottle drying racks to put out food.
a black and white brush on top of a container
Astro Tube - Otto Environmental
Get some astroturf for scratching/grooming post for Fiona
several pictures of different things that are being used to make animal sculptures and crafts for kids
PVC rattles! All it takes is some PVC, end caps, rocks, and PVC glue. Cut PVC to desired size and prime/glue an end cap on. Fill 1/5 to 1/4 of the way with rocks. Prime/glue other end cap on. DONE! Photo and project by: Jenna Elizabeth
two stuffed animals hanging from a rope in a cage with other toys on top of it
Love the PVC mixed with drilled balls. These are the GLTs at PBZ <3 Joey made this enrichment and probably gave it to them since it is hanging from the ceiling (typical Joseph)