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Ryan, Rob

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Rob Ryan - British - Born 1962 in Cypres - Detailed papercuts, featured in Vogue, Elle, and Stylist

Rob Ryan - 'Ashtonish Me' Ceramic Tile. Hand screenprinted in blue this tile reads - Astonish Me! Measures 14.8cm X 14.8cm

Rob Ryan - The equal use of both empty space and coloured card is something that I want to use in my own cut out work however I won't make my design this intricate because it would make the map very weak and it would fall apart.

In Rye Screen Printed Teatowel

rob ryan- really want to own one of his prints but this is closer to what i can afford!!

Rob Ryan paper cut- houses that the children live in in Hull with Hospital on skyline- words to explain how children feel about "their hospital" a picture about ownership.