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Here's a small vase I made from a small pumpkin, this activity, using Dahlias, instead of Honeysuckle, and different squashes, features in 'The Crafted Garden' book by Louise Curley.

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Size does matter and I've received quite a few questions asking how big the BiOrbAir is. I have taken some photos to clearly show the size of the terrarium.

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Leaving an area of fallen autumn leaves in a quiet, undisturbed area of the garden for hedgehogs will provide a perfect place for hedgehogs to nest, hibernate and sleep safely. Hedgehogs are able to use their spines to collect leaves as they can roll over and cover themselves in leaves.

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Claire Brown (pictured, centre, in the red jacket) at her flower farm, Plantpassion, in East Clandon in September.

A close up of the underside of one of my home-grown pink mushrooms, grown using the Espresso Mushroom Company’s Hot Pinks Kitchen Garden Kit.

Leaving a log pile in a quiet area of your garden, will create a habitat for many invertebrates, insects, frogs, toads, hedgehogs and other creatures. Many of us have small areas to garden in, but it's easy to create a woodpile in a quiet corner and leave a pile of autumn leaves for hedgehogs to safely nest in.

There are many local plant sales, fetes and opportunities to buy wonderful, locally grown plants at fantastic prices, or even to swap for free! Rare, hard to find and unusual plants can be found at the specialist plant fairs listed below. In this list I have included large plant sales, such as the plant sale …

Ornithophora radicans in flower in my BiOrbAiR terrarium on 30th September 2015. Pictured with a British five pence piece to show the size of the flower.

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