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Salvia algeriensis in The Royal Bank of Canada Garden, at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

Beautiful, British Grown Flowers for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day 2017 - Pumpkin Beth

Iris 'Terre à Silex' features white standards with purple picotee edges. The falls are of a very dark, almost black, purple, and a bright orange beard rests on a white area with dark purple striations.

Lilium 'Perfect Joy' has large, strawberry pink coloured flowers, that feature soft white flower centres - a lovely colour combination on one plant.

Zantedeschia 'Nashville' is a compact plant that grows well in containers, in a sunny, to partially shaded position of the garden.

Zantedeschia 'Nashville' is drought tolerant and prefers to be kept slightly on the drier side, it doesn't enjoy being in waterlogged soil or compost.

Zantedeschia 'Nashville'. Zantedeschia 'Nashville' is a new bi-colour Zantedeschia, with a soft cream coloured centre, and a wide pink coloured brim, which deepens to a deep mauve as the flowers age and mature.