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Retirement Garden Ideas

Ideas for creating a garden for retirement to suit the needs and requirements of an older, retired gardener.
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Just Retirement: A Garden For Every Retiree, was designed by Tracy Foster and sponsored by Just Retirement.

Here's my Earthbox as pictured on the 21st February 2016. As you can see the vegetables have been growing well. I haven't had to water this container since I set it up, I haven't carried out any maintenance of any kind, I just left the vegetables to grow. I have harvested some of the stems and leaves from the chard, but other than that, the vegetables have been left to grow.

This is Sarracenia flava var. rugelii, you can see that a fly is just about to enter to pitcher.

Here's my BiOrbAir terrarium after the re-arrange, as pictured on the 14th January 2016. Prior to this photograph being taken, I took out all of the plants and compost, then added brand-new coir compost, that I purchased from Reef One, and new moss. I re-planted some of my old ferns and added some new miniature orchids.

Here you can see the Burgon & Ball Short Handled Weed Slice in action! This shortened version of the full size Weed Slice is very useful for weeding containers, raised beds or closely planted areas of garden.

The Burgon & Ball Weed Slice and the Burgon & Ball Short Handled Weed Slice together. From this angle you can see the tilted angle of the Weed Slice's blade.

A close up of the blade of the Burgon & Ball Weed Slice. This lightweight tool has an arrow shaped blade, that cuts both when you push the Weed Slice into the soil or gravel, it also cuts on your return stroke, as you pull the Weed Slice backwards.

This painted shed was an attractive feature of the Just Retirement Garden. Accessing the shed is easy as there's no threshold or step to trip up over! The cheerful sunflowers, wooden barrel style water butt and the pretty window box only add to the charm of this attractive and useful, practical shed.

Just Retirement: A Garden for Every Retiree featured a pretty vegetable garden, the vegetable plants were growing in raised beds to make tending the vegetables easier for the gardener.