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In his design for The Royal Bank of Canada Garden, at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, Hugo Bugg celebrates water, not just as a commodity, but as a sacred entity for the world to savour, respect, celebrate and rejoice in.


A closer look at the beautiful meadow in the UNHCR: 'Border Control' Garden, at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016. This garden was designed by Tom Massey and John Ward, and built by Landform Consultants. This Conceptual Garden was sponsored by UNHCR and presented with a Gold Medal and the prestigious title of Best Conceptual Garden.


James Basson used 200 different plants all of which are native to Haute Provence, to ensure that the L'Occitance garden, was as authentic as possible.


The L'Occitane Garden celebrates the 40th anniversary of beauty brand L’Occitane. Garden designer James Basson, has looked back at the history of L’Occitane, focussing on its formation in 1976, in Haute Provence, creating a Show Garden that is evocative of the landscape of this area of France.


The M&G Garden, which was designed by Cleve West, for The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, was awarded a Gold Medal by the RHS Judges. Swatton Lanscapes, who built The M&G Garden, were presented with The Best Construction Award at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. This is the first year that this prestigious award that recognises the skill and input of the construction workers who build the Show Gardens has been awarded.


The M&G Garden was designed by Cleve West and built by Swatton Landscape. The inspiration for the M&G Garden came from garden designer Cleve West’s memories of time spent during his teenage years, in an ancient oak woodland, in Exmoor National Park. Cleve opted to create a contemporary design, which features aspects of the ancient woodland that inspired him, instead of recreating a particular area of Exmoor National Park. Oaks - Quercus pubescens, form the main structure of this garden…


A meadow bank at Eric Wall Ltd. This is one of the areas Eric Wall Ltd have designed to create habitats for wildlife and encourage biodiversity in the…

A closer look at the snail shell. These white snails are very common indeed in Haute Provence, they were added to give an authentic touch to the Show Garden.

The L'Occitane Garden was designed by James Basson and built by Peter Dowle for The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016. The RHS judges awarded this Show Garden with a Gold Medal.

In the L'Occitane Garden, James Basson has recreated the harsh beauty of Haute Provence, using 200 different plants which are native to Haute Provence, to recreate a small part of the landscape and atmosphere of this area of France.