I'm keeping Pinterest. Because I don't want to leave all my gorgeous followers, I'll try to block the majority of them :) I need to follow some of you guys back xD COMMENT FOR A FOLLOW:)

you just killed me about 56 times looking at your beautiful, amaZAYN smile! :'D malik, bradford bad boy, one direction, smile .

Zayn Malik

You left One Direction, and I respect your decision. You felt it was time. But I will never ever forget you. I'm still by your side, and the other boys. I hope you have a good life now.

Day 11- Fave Zayn Pic: I love these kinds of pics! Lighting is vital to have an impressive pic, and this unique lighting makes this pic memorable. Also, why is this on the 11th day? They should have put it on the twelfth!

I made a Zayn edit:) Please please please. Give me credit. Every time I pin one of my edits, people make it look like its their's and I dont like it. So yeah.

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