scratch 'n sniff stickers.

I loved these scratch & sniff stickers! I still have my grade school sticker book somewhere. Many stickers left.

Magic Sand - I had this exact one. I loved playing with this stuff and I loved the bottle it was in.

Magic Sand-bought this from Kay Bee toy store. You pour into water & sand castles would form!

1976 Barbie Styling Head -- My favorite present, when I turned 10.  Played with her for hours on end.  You could pull a long ponytail out of the back of her head, and her lipstick was a waxy pink!

I'm pretty sure I made this thing look like a monster! via Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and Barbie Styling Head

Twirly Curls Barbie- She was my 1st barbie :)

Twirly Curls Barbie - I remember her hair became a matted mess pretty quickly once you played with it a few times.

Vintage 1970s MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE | eBay - aw, I loved these!

MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE - This came up in a search for something else, but how cool. I had this exact topper, I also had that pencil or one that looked very similar!

Richard Scarry books

Do you remember Lowly worm from The Busy World of Richard Scarry ? Well, I crafted the above Lowly worm from bits of felt, denim and but.

Pacers (1976)  When Mars punted out a mint variant of their counter-conquering blocks of citrus paste, tolerant half-smiles were the order of the day, but a simple change of name took Opal Mints out from the shadows of their mouth-watering forebears. A sporty theme and the addition in 1980 of green go-faster stripes to the basic white slab more than made up for the disappointingly weak, almost homeopathic, minty tast

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

avon little blossom whipser soft cologne.

avon little blossom whipser soft cologne. i loved this stuff. i'm tempt…

Holly Hobbie. I loved Holly Hobbie the merchandising was mad with pencil cases, colouring books, dolls etc etc etc

I loved Holly Hobbie the merchandising was mad with pencil cases, colouring books, dolls etc etc etc

I used to see these hanging up in Woolworth's!

Jacko Monkey

Jacko Monkey was a gorgeous monkey that was made by Chad Valley I think. It was easily one of my favourite toys in the early and I still ha.

Avon Little Blossom lip balm

Avon Little Blossom lip balm.Little Blossom could have single handedly taken the fragrance and beauty market in a perfect world lol


mom used them for picnics----SALE Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Tupperware…

Frogger - Remember playing this on friend Jenni's computer back in the day - in black and white of course!

Frogger - Remember playing this with my sister for hours on our home computer. Hours of fun and laughter! Especially fun game to play on snow days.

Star Wars figures - My Brother had THOUSANDS of these

Star Wars figures - My brother had these.I never got any cuz I was a unfair!