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How to drape saree for Varamahalakshmi kalasha| Saree draping | Ready pleated Saree
there are many different bowls with flowers and fruit on the table in front of them
there is a statue in the middle of a table filled with fruit and other items
a pink flower floating in a gold bowl on top of a wooden box filled with red petals
The Coimbatore Bound Bride - Nishaa Venugopalan & Suhas
there is a statue on the table with fruit and candles in front of it, surrounded by greenery
there is a statue with flowers around it
the statue is surrounded by flowers and candles
the statue is decorated with flowers and beads
Bhuvaneshwari Jayanti, Bhuvaneshwari Jayanthi 2019, Goddess Bhuvaneshwari
there is a statue in the middle of a room with flowers and decorations around it
a woman in a sari standing next to some decorations
Varamahalakshmi Pooja ✨