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Use the word bank below to identify parts of the human skeleton. Then check your answers. Did you know?There are more than 200 bones in your body, and each one has a name. Bone Vocabulary: 1. Skull 2. Femur/Upper Leg Bone 3. Shoulder joint 4. Rib cage 5. Patella/Knee Cap 6. Spine 7. Clavical/Collar Bone 8. Pelvis 9. Metatarsals/Hand and Foot Bones 10. Fibula 11. Tibia 12. Humerus/Upper Arm Bone 13. Radius 14. Ulna Answers:A=7; F=5; K=3; B=12; G=11; L=4; C=13; H=10; M=6…

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