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an old desk covered in moss with two laptops on it
two butterflies sitting on top of purple flowers in the woods with words above them that read evlve or repeat
two birds flying over the ocean on a foggy day
the waves are crashing on the rocks in the ocean
the full moon is lit up in the night sky with an inspirational quote on it
All the answers are within you
a black cat with yellow eyes and fangs on it's face, holding onto two fingers
Hey. I'm a theatre major. I like musicals, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Marvel, Stranger Things, and...
an open book is being held in someone's hand while they are on the bed
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an old book page with the words i shift my pillow closer to the full moon
a young woman standing in front of a park with picnic tables and benches behind her
a woman with long hair standing next to a window
gracie abrams