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Quest for Success Ltd is an exciting and contemporary NLP Training company, delivering training with a professional excellence which is rarely experienced in modern day learning environments.
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We offer you the full benefit of a wealth of knowledge and experience in training and coaching with NLP.

Want to learn how to unlock your inner potential? Learn more about our NLP Practitioner training and courses.

Interested in our Contemporary ‪#‎Hypnosis‬ 5 Day ‪#‎Practitioner‬ course? - If you would like to know more call the office on 0845 467 3039 or email

The world and profession of ‪‎NLP‬ is evolving at an exciting pace and the NLP ‪‎community‬ is now responding ‪positively‬ to calls for robust research into the vast array of practical uses that NLP has been applied to.

Interested in our ‪#‎NLP‬ Practitioner course? Why not learn more about or ‪#‎Athens‬ venue - If you are interested call the office on 0845 467 3039 or email

The best riding technique in the world can become quickly overwritten if we are not fully 'collected' in our thinking and our horse is a first hand witness to everything that goes on in our head! ‪#‎NLP‬ ‪#‎Horses‬ ‪#‎Coaching‬

Are you interested in learning about Blended Coaching?

What happens at Master Practitioner?

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