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Quantumsoftech is a leading software development company in India.
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AngularJS development
Check for the best reasons to choose AngularJS development. #quantumsoftech #itdevelopment #itcompany #webdevelopment #angularjs #angularjsdevelopment
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Backend Development
Backend Systems are called the backbone of any product and that needed a robust and customized design. Join Hands with us as a development partner. #backendwebdevelopment #developmentcompany #itbusiness #productdevelopment #automation #software #development #ai #design
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E-Learning Software Development
E-learning is the demand for new ways of learning and this #covid19 had pushed it hard, that all schools, colleges, tuition centers are adopting this new way. Quantumsoftceh is the best partner to develop your e-learning software. #LMS #elearning #elearningsolutions #elearningdevelopment #itdevelopment
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ERP System Development
Integrate & Automate Corporate Functions With ERP Software. Increase Your Revenue. Utilize The Power Of ERP For Aligning Your Business Needs. Optimize Your Daily Operations. #erpsystem #erpsolutions #webdevelopement #appdevelopment #itautomation #crmsoftware
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Health Care Development
Are you a health specialist? Let's aid the healthcare industry with technology. Join hands with the best software development provider. #healthapp #healthcareapp #healthcaretechnology #healthcaresolutions #itdevelopment
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News Portal Develovement
Digitalization had impacted every Industry and the media industry is the fastest industry that had explored digital presence with IT solutions. Quantumsoftech is providing end-to-end development solutions for a media portal. #newsportal #mobileapplication #webdevelopment #backend
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Media and Entertainment Software Development
Due to #lockdownextension, the media and entertainment applications are very much in demand, people are ready to get the #OTT platform ready with mobile application and web. #mediaandentertainment #mediaapplication #mobileapplication #webdevelopment
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LMS System Development
Due to Lockdown many of Educational institute is willing to develop there own LMS system and It is the demand of the near future in the educational sector as well. #educationindustry #lms #edutech #educationfirst #educationtechnology
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Customization and Automation
Automation is very much required in this growing World. Visit: for the #automation and #customization of your current system to developing a new system with the latest #technology. #quantumsoftceh #Itdevelopmentcompany #webdevelopement #backend #AI #ML #Blockchain #Automation #softwaredevelopment #reactjs #native #PHP #itdevelopment #server #DevOps
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Angular Tools for High Performance
This post, contains a list of new tools and practices that can help us build faster Angular apps and monitor their performance over time. In each section, you’ll find links for further reference on how to incorporate them in your project. The focus of this post is on decreasing initial load time and speeding up page navigation using code-splitting and preloading.
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API Integration Development
#API is a set of commands, protocols & objects that programmers use to create a software that can interact with the external system. It provides programmers with the standards for the common operations so that programmers do not have to write codes for each function/operation from scratch. Read why they are important. #APIdevelopment #webdevelopment #appdevelopment #100daysofcoding #girlswhocode #softwaredeveloper #APIintegration
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What should newsrooms do if they want to start with AI
But how they can do that? Means how newsrooms can delve AI into their journalistic platforms? Firstly, they can start with consultancy from an AI app/web development company. Second, they can share the desired features, attributes with the company, then they can match with the competencies & get the customized/trending features embedded in their apps/web pages via a solution-centric AI app development company.
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What should newsrooms do if they want to start with AI?
“More than three in five consumers (62%) are comfortable with human-like intellect “. AI has become a routinal part of newsrooms & news platforms as proven software for curating stories, content and any sort of data for every broadcasting news. With the rise of AI in journalism, it's more convenient for human journalists to focus on other chief activities than just clinging to curating content for media platforms.
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Get interactive, custom feature-rich, performance-packed CMS solutions with full control power.
Measure the performance of your content by building a CMS website that integrates well with the analytical tools like Google Analytics. Learn with CMS development services how to use this integration in your content marketing strategy👉🏿🔗 #CMSDevelopment #CMSwebdevelopment #Thursday #girlswhocode #100DaysOfCode #Friday
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Quantumsoftech on Twitter
With custom #API development, you can make your different business applications integrate & sync in one order to get a more organized & powerful business structure. To get that structured business, consult API Integration services right away🔗🔗 #girlswhocode #100DaysOfCode #Friday #APIintegration #integration #apidevelopment