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One of the great classic British sports cars, the Jensen Interceptor is a fantastic example of the big late 60's early 70's GT car. A must have at the time owned by lots of celebs and still stunning to look at.

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Audi Quattro to be reborn...

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Austin Healey 3000. Other than the convertible E-Type can you think of a sexier British sports car from the 60's?

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Mini Cooper 1275GT. The design classic, still fantastic to drive and likely outhandle a lot of so-called current super-minis. First car with front wheel drive and an icon of the 60's. Fond memories of being driven to school with 3 other kids in one of these. Forget the current BMW version, they have destroyed the soul of it, look instead at the Fiat 500.

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BMW M6 from the 80's. One of the best cars BMW have ever made. Had a chance to buy a mint low mileage one off a friend in California once. Should've done it... Other than the 7 Series from the late 90's its all been downhill on the design front from the boys in Bavaria since.

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Not a fan of boring red, the new yellow/orange on the 458 is more like it.

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It turned heads at the Paris car show in the 50's and still looks like it came from the future now.

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Love R8's, for the price a hard car to beat.