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Gautam Bose Greycells is one such name that is quite popular in India in the category of the quizzes that are held in the country. Gautam bose quiz company also offer services for product launch and placements (single or multiple cities). They also have a battery of celebrity speakers/moderators and people for guest lecture who can speak on a variety of topics.

Gautam bose greycells – the state of the art quiz company in India

As things stand now Quiz conduction in India has changed for better and are no more restricted as college or school events and has been engrained in corporate events, charity events and more. His knowledge of the subject matter, charisma, striking personality and effective presentation of quiz, has made people watch Gautam Bose quiz shows with ardent admiration year after year.

It is all about recharging the Greycells and this is where the leading quizmasters in India have been playing the part. In fact young generations as well as working professionals are updated about the world around them.

And in such corporate events the significance of Quiz Company in India simply can’t be ruled out. In fact; quiz nights are very exciting in themselves and very enriching for the knowledge as well. Here are some of the advantages that you can get if you choose to include these speakers and events in your party.

It makes sense to add a Gautam bose quiz event nowadays to make your event larger. Of course; the secret of success however lies much on your general knowledge and your ability of taking a cue from the expert.

As Gautam bose quizmaster ideally puts it – in order to make the quiz show interesting you must think of two different set of people when you conducts the quiz — the audience and the participating teams.

About Greycell – the professional Quiz Company in India

Further the year 1978 saw the pioneering "North Star Quiz" sponsored by Bata, which was started in Kolkata and it went national in 1982. The year 2015 however tells a different story. The name of the Y gen Gautam bose quizmaster shines bright.

In this post we will talk about pub quizzes, which have these days stole quite an amount of limelight. As Gautam bose quizmaster quite ideally puts it – a bit of testing the intelligence was never unwarranted even if it is paired with a fine glass of ale.

The fact of the matter is; quizzing specially live quizzing is any form of entertainment and as the renowned Gautam bose quizmaster puts it – the QM as the host of this entertainment show is just another entertainer.

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