DIA_LAND_TOPOTEK 1 has been awarded with the 1st prize in the competition for the design of the Bremen waterfront | Read More

TOPOTEK 1's winning design of the Bremen waterfront “Stadtstrecke” -

BARTLETT UG 1 the LIVING LABORATORY, Oliver Parkinson, Year 3, Bartlett School…

Oliver Parkinson, Year 3 ‘Hydro Hydraulic Habitation’ A mixed-use high density housing scheme built on the anticipation of future flood risk to our built environment. The scheme embraces rather than barricades against water, utilizing the redundant.

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Credit Kannawat Limratepong : Usage of space, two-edged sections, detailed usage of space underneath the structure with various activities happens inside the building

architecture concept diagram - Google Search

Gallery of Multi-Functional Headquarters of Edel AG Competition Entry / Barcode Architects & Habiter Autrement - 4

Exploded Axonometric of SHED by Jensen Architects…

Metal prefab building for a sustainable farming and wine making community in California by Jensen Architects with insulated panels and sustainable systems.

‘Queensway Bilboards’ is a renovation of an abandoned railway in Queens, New…

‘Queensway Bilboards’ is a renovation of an abandoned railway in Queens, New York. The project rethinks the typology of billboards, giving them a social function instead of a brand logo. The structures appear along the Queensway site and become local l.