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BATTERED SAUSAGE WITH SALAD 40g dried chickpeas blended down to flour consistency 1/4 egg 80g minced chicken Add the flour chickpea to the egg (a little at a time) and fold in to make a pastry. Place in clingfilm and roll out to the desired size. Place in fridge to cool. Season minced chicken as desired, roll out into sausage shape (making sure it isn't bigger than your pastry) Flash fry sausage for a few minutes all the way around to seal the meat, then wrap the premade chickpea pastry…

CAMBRIDGE STYLE BREAKFAST I made them using 120g chicken (minced) and added some black pepper, sage and thyme. Mix it all up, split into 2 sausage shapes and leave in the fridge (in cling film) for at least 15 mins to let the meat settle, then just oven cooked for 15 mins at 190 and then I light fried them with the egg to brown them. Mushrooms lightly fried until done Enjoy xx

simple chargrilled chicken recipe which is delicious and ready in 20 minutes, suitable for cambridge sole source+ & step 2 weight plans