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Bought a plain black fascinator for a wedding, but my dress is blue! So I bought some blue craft feathers and blue fabric flowers (with wire stems) from local shops, cut the feathers into diamond shapes and stuck them to the base underneath. Cheered it up a bit


Shells I found on my honeymoon mounted on an ikea frame and a little crepe paper :)

My own family birthday display made from bottle caps, ring pulls, wire, a cheap plaque from the b&q sale, my calligraphy kit, sharpies and some decorative paper. Job done.

Droids are for life, not just for halloween! Hello bb8 :)

Jazzed up some cheap tumblers with stickers and spray paint. Peeled the stickers off, added a layer of spray laquer then glued on sequins to hide any imperfections. Added a tea light and voila a low cost present to give :)

Hand knitted scarf. I had a few practices before I moved onto the nice wool. I watched a youtube video which helped me understand the technique, once I got the hang of it I was well away :)

Made my own corkboard by hot gluing some corks to an old photo frame. Then I stuck on some magnetic tape to the back so I can put it on the fridge. All it cost me was the price of a glue gun as I didnt own one before!

A little idea for bookmarks, using giant paper clips, beads which I put on using wire and some ribbon. As a personal touch I added initials on beads and tied them to the top. Displayed on photocopied book passages glued to card because I didn't have the heart to rip real book pages out!

Digital painting in sketch book pro :)

I've been at the wood printing again! This time on tiny little craft spoons from sainsburies craft section. They take the ink quite well! These make cute little markers for a windowsill herb garden :) another hand made gift from me, for my mother.