Pinned 30.6.13: Saatchi Online Artist: Chris Lord; Photomontage, 2012, Assemblage / Collage "Walls and Towers"

Saatchi Online Artist - Chris Lord - Photomontage 2012 Assemblage Collage - "Walls And Towers"

Example of modern interpretation of constructivist art. (Inbetween Dreams, 2013)

In this post we bring you a short list of creative and adorable poster design for your graphic inspiration. These poster designs ideas have their magical

Pinned 30.6.13: Dream - Eduardo Recife

Dream - Eduardo Recife This artist was also published in the same book I was, Modern Vintage Illustration by Martin Dawber. Love this work!

“The goals we pursue are always veiled. A girl who longs for marriage longs for something she knows nothing about. The boy who hankers after fame has no idea what fame is. The thing that gives our every move its meaning is always totally unknown to us.”

1956 Pop art collage called 'Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?' Richard Hamilton created one of the earliest pieces labeled Pop Art. Hamilton died in

Pinned 30.6.13: Exploring Great Artists (with kids): David Hockney, Pearblossom Highway, photomontage

Kids Get Arty - Exploring David Hockney & Photo Montage

Pinned 30.6.13:

Photomontage, i really lik this whol photomontage style of things like way you have done you collage holly

Pinned 30.6.13: a photomontage by Marianne Brandt

"With All 10 Fingers," photomontage by Marianne Brandt, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

Richard Vergez

Richard Vergez - Richard Vergez is a visual/sound artist. He employs manual techniques such as tape splicing and photomontage to create minimal and abstract contemporary w.

Pinned 30.6.13: Alexander Rodchenko, photomontage for Pro Eto, 1923

Alexander Rodchenko, photomontage for Pro Eto, 1923 - tension between the masculine revolution and the feminine byt