City collage  by ~AzaleaTsunamy XP: Like the use of angles, overlapping architecture, newsprint for building shape

Can you see the chaos? (All the photos of the buildings are taken of Barcelona. Gràcia) Crec que amb el collage es demostra molt com d& pot ser una ciutat xD

Valery Koshlyakov. High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment

Artist: Valery Koshlyakov - Title: High-rise on Raushskaya Embankment - Materials/Techniques used: Carboard, and Tempera paint - Inspires, Why? The different technqiues used and how it is placed is cool

Urban Photography Idea: Photo Collage of the City - natural history museum by Adrian Brannan

Stunning modern collages created using old-fashioned method: Photographs, scissors and sellotape

Construction of Shard of Glass (London) - drawings and paintings by Stephen Wiltshire MBE

Construction of Shard of Glass (London) - Original drawings, prints and limited editions by Stephen Wiltshire MBE

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Graphic History of Architecture by John Mansbridge. "Pillars and wall cornings were prime structural elements which were given amazing ornamentation. It sets the tone and mood before entering a building" Más

This is a great example of sketches where I wish I knew who penned it.

Venetian window sketch ~ John Edwards I like the way the window has only been partially shown.