Tabletop Loose Parts - Creative Activity For Kids

Tabletop loose parts creative activity for kids. Love this kind of open ended building and creating activity Emilia emilia ideas classroom art

Provocation... from A classroom full of curiosity and wonder (",)

Provocation allows children to translate their thinking…

Loose parts play

Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash

Loose parts invitation from Superheroes, Princesses & Monsters Mish-Mash - Stimulating Learning

Invitation to create - Our children love loose parts and it can take over the whole room with their little world creation. This was a provocation to explore them in a different way, as a tool for communication. EYLF Communication: Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media

Frames invite you to create transient art with loose parts--find sturdy wooden or plastic ones for the light table?

Love this transient art with loose parts (",)

Loose parts exploration, provocation. Mini wood cookies, shells and rocks. I love the wood cookie as a work space!

Mosaic Tiles & Mirror Art... from Rachel (",)

Mirrors, Mosaics & Threading Beads

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