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Buddy Mischief Our Elf On The Shelf

Our elf on the shelf has come to stay with us to make sure that the children behave themselves ready for when Santa arrives on Christmas Eve. After Buddy has checked that the children are fast asleep he has his own bit of fun but will he get caught in the act??
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Buddy is back for a second year and has brought the children a treat to say hello

Buddy decided to have a play on the xbox one last night. I wonder what he'll be doing tonight

Naughty Buddy has decided he wanted to zip line from the ceiling light onto the tree using toilet tissue.....

This morning we couldn't find buddy in the house but did find some magic elf dust on the front door handle. Just about to get in the car to go to school and who do we see but Buddy The Elf! #elfontheshelf #buddy #buddymischief #citroen #citroencactus #cactus

Buddy decided he was going to see Rosetta The Fairy last night for a chat about the children #elfontheshelf #elf #fairy #christmastree #buddytheelf #buddy #buddymischief

Buddy's decided he wants a polar bear ride along the curtain pole #elfontheshelf #elf #polarbear #christmas #mischief #buddytheelf