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Remove the dirt of baby potatoes by rubbing with hand. Take these washed potatoes in a bowl. Put these potatoes in pressure cooker after adding a glass of water and put a lid on the bowl. On a high flame, cook in the cooker till pressure developed in the cooker. Now, after reducing the flame, continue cooking for 15 minutes. Now off the stove and give time to come down the pressure in the cooker.

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sorakaya pappu Heat a pan and then pore oil in it. After oil gets hot, add black gram, fry until the seeds change colour to light brown. Now add cumin and mustard seeds and fry. Now add curry leaves and asafoetida and fry.

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Take washed pigeon peas in a bowl. Add adequate water to the dal and then keep aside. Wash the vellarikkay (Dosakaya) and peel it. Before cutting sautekayi (Dosakaya) into pieces, first taste for bitterness. Now, cut to pieces of medium size. Now, add dal to the pieces of Khira (Dosakaya). Now slit the washed green chillies and then add to dal. Put this bowl into the pressure cooker and start cooking.

Soak green gram in water for about 30 minutes and drain and then keep aside. Take a bowl and mix well the flour, cooking soda, red chilli powder, salt, and cumin seeds. After heating oil in a separate bowl, add oil to this flour and mix well. Now add soaked green gram (moong dal) stir well.

Pour oil in pan and heat it. Now, after getting oil hot, take Jalebi batter into cloth and make a small hole at the end of the cloth. Now, press the cloth so that the jalebi batter comes out of the hole we made at one end of the cloth and drops into hot oil in circular shapes (pretzel shape).

In a clean pan, add finely chopped tomatoes, and then add grated onion, garlic beetroot, salt, and water. Turn the flame to high, cover the pan and cook the ingredients for five minutes

Take big pan so that the milk will not spill out when we boil the milk in the pan. In the pan, add cream and milk and keep the pan on the stove and start heating it on high flame with continuous stirring

Take a pan and place it on the gas stove. This sweet will be cooked on low flame. Add 100 ml of water and 150 grams of sugar to the pan. Now, heat this solution of sugar and water with stirring till the solution reaches one thread consistency. After reaching above said consistency, add gram flour with well mixing. Continue mixing and see that there are no lumps in the pan. Continue heating till the mixture turns a little,,

In order to make chenna, curdle 2-1/2 liters milk. Take a perforated plate and spread a thin layered cloth in it. Now, pour this paala virugudu (chenna) with water into the perforated plated. After draining all water, collect the chenna in thin layered cloth and remove any excess water if any from the chenna.

After taking dal in a clean bowl, wash it. Add required amount of water and put aside. Now wash the ridge gourd. Cut the ridge gourd into small pieces after peeling the skin of it. Add these ridge gourd pieces to dal. Now put the bowl containing ridge gourd and dal in a pressure cooker and start cooking. After developing pressure in the cooker, turn the flame to low and cook for 10 more minutes.