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Paul’s latest aviation desk lamp design continues to incorporate key components from the A320 Aircraft seats. As shown above, each lamp varies slightly in their combination of parts in order to use the components from each row of seats most efficiently. The new lamp shade design utilises aluminium fire extinguishers which are shaped to compliment the skeletal curve of the lamp body. These are then stripped and polished to a high shine finish.


Aviation Lamps | The Rag And Bone Man

his architectural chair was made using a pair of ribs out of the tail of the A320 plane which were shot-blast and powder coated. Paul also incorporated tubes from the plane seats and the cargo net into the supporting structure. Foam from the plane seats was the reupholstered with a grey luxe tweed fabric by the talented Ray Clarke. This pieces is the last remaining chair available from Paul’s commission on Kevin’s Supersized Salvage.


Slung Chair Supersized Salvage | The Rag And Bone Man

This ‘oversized’ arching floor lamp has been made from the A320 plane for Kevins Supersized Salvage. Paul used the two bathroom sinks which he welded together for the shade. The arches have been made using torsion bars from the tail of the plane. The base of the lamp was made from a section of the pressure bulkhead. All this is weighted a substantial amount of the engine pylon.


Floor Standing Lamp | The Rag And Bone Man

Our single seater was also made out of multiple wing sections, rollers from the cargo bay floor and fuselage


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Aviation Clock 2 | The Rag And Bone Man

Wall Mounted Aero Clock