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Eye Surgery in Bangalore

Manipal Hospital is one of the best eye hospital in Bangalore, India having experienced opthalmologist, eye surgeons, eye doctors. Providing best eye care services in India.
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Cornea Transplantation is a simple operation within a short period of time an one-hour that replaces our sight. One of the most commonly performed transplant operations with modern surgical techniques.


Lasik surgery is best surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism. Our best eye surgeons are expertise in lasik laser operation for eyes and refractive eye surgery. The cost of laser eye surgery in Manipal is very Less.

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Oculoplastic Surgery is a disorder of the eyelids, Orbital surgeries for removal of tumours, Cosmetic Surgeries.

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Retina Surgery is a type of eye disorder in which it causes loss of vision and blindness. Symptoms of retinal problems are Blur / loss of vision, Redness or Pain in the eye.

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Manipal Hospital offers the best treatment for eyes & blindness in Bangalore. Get diagnosed & treatment for complex glaucoma, lasik, cataract, icl surgery in India. Our top eye surgeons are expertise in all eye surgeries.

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Visit Manipal Eyecare Hospitals for the best treatment of eyes in bangalore. Our top eye surgeons & doctors diagnose complex lasik, cataract, glaucoma surgeries very effectively.