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ORGANIC BIO-FERTLIZER WILL GROW ANYTHING Grow your veggies and fruits and berries safely, without chemicals or toxins! RAINBOW FARMS FERTILIZER is a small organic fertilizer company in California that only uses mealworm frass for both granular and liquid organic fertilizer.
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CANNABIS GRO TEAM - medical patients that take cannabis can now grow their own safe, organic plants at home with no fear of antibiotics,growth hormones steroids and other chemicals and toxins often used by commercial growers.

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mealworms are not worms at all! It is the larvae stage of the darkling beetle. Raised in captivity they are fed only wheat bran and raw carrots, making their poo truly organic

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mealworm frass (poo) contains microbial bacteria that is a wonderful growth agent for your roots! 100% pure 100% organic

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Organic Bio-Fertilizer ~ Fast Grow 100% Pure, bottle and bag

Organic Bio-Fertilizer ~ Fast Grow 100% Pure, bottle and bag #QuickGroLIQUIDGRO


Pammy was given a small Poinsettia plant for Christmas . . . she planted it in the side yard three years ago. Using Rainbow Farms Fertilizer, look at it now! Our fertilizer is great for flowers and fruit trees!

Use RAINBOW FARMS FERTILIZER on your urban farm or backyard garden with the confidence that your harvest will only contain organic goodness!