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5 Exciting Ways to Use Number Sense Flowers
Tired of the same old number sense lessons? Inject some fun into your numeracy teaching with our Number Sense Flowers! Discover 5 engaging ways to use this resource in your classroom - from differentiated math stations to digital versions, these colorful and versatile flowers will revolutionize your teaching approach.
two women standing in front of a whiteboard with the words our all - time favorite maths resources
Our All-Time Favourite Maths Resource!
Dive deep into our All-Time Favorite Maths Resource: UNO cards. We provide informative insights on how to use these cards to foster curiosity and learning in all age groups. Find out more on our podcast....
two women standing next to each other with the words our all - time favorite maths resources
UNO Cards: The Unexpected Maths Teaching Toolbox
At Rainbow Sky Creations, we turn the mundane into magical! Discover the endless possibilities of using UNO cards in Maths. Tailored lesson ideas to intrigue learners of all ages. Check out our podcast on Apple Podcasts.
Revolutionize Your Math Lessons with Playdough!
Primary school math doesn't have to be boring! Discover our ingenious ways to engage students in Grades 3-6 with playdough. Transform abstract concepts into tangible, enjoyable activities that not only entertain, but also enhance cognitive, social, and artistic development. Get hooked on the fun side of learning.
a book with the title how to make a strong start in your math teaching
How to Make a Strong Start in your Math Teaching
Curious about how to make mathematics a more engaging subject for your students? Discover 8 effective strategies that can transform your classroom into a fun, confident, and positive learning environment. Don't miss the chance to turn around your students' perspective on math! Click here for more.
Boost Multiplication fluency with this free game
Explore the importance of fluency activities in mathematics, particularly multiplication. Our free game not only boosts students' multiplication skills but also enhances their confidence and problem-solving abilities. Delve into the endless benefits of our game and why it's becoming a classroom essential. Ready to change the way your students learn?
the card game math bundle is on display
UNO BUNDLE Math Centre Games | 3rd & 4th Grade
Looking for a fun and educational way to engage your 3rd- and 4th-grade students? Our UNO Bundle Math Centre Games is the perfect solution! These games will not only boost your students' math skills but also provide hours of entertainment. Don't wait! Grab your bundle now and watch your students' excitement skyrocket!
the card game math bundle for children to practice addition and subtraction with numbers
Kindergarten UNO Math Center BUNDLE
Discover a world where learning math is both fun and engaging with our Kindergarten UNO Math Center Bundle. Your young learners won't believe math was this exciting! This comprehensive package, packed with games and activities, ensures your kindergartners fall in love with numbers. Watch them develop a strong foundation for future learning while having a blast. This is learning like never before!
two books with the title, 2 d shape booklets for children to practice their handwriting skills
2D Shape Booklets | Identifying Properties of 2D Shapes | Kindergarten
Discover our engaging 2D Shape Booklets, perfect for young learners! These hands-on activities help kindergarteners identify and understand various properties of 2D shapes, fostering a love for math and problem-solving skills.
the card game math bundle includes cards, numbers and symbols
UNO BUNDLE Math Center Games | 5th & 6th Grade | Hands-on Math Activities
Discover how these UNO math center games can help your 5th and 6th-grade students improve their mathematical skills in a fun and interactive way. Dive into this collection of hands-on activities that will make learning math exciting and enjoyable!
UNO BUNDLE Math Centre Games | 1st & 2nd Grade
Discover the most fun and interactive way to teach math to your 1st and 2nd graders with this amazing UNO BUNDLE Math Centre Games bundle! Watch as your students enjoy learning and mastering basic math concepts in the most enjoyable way possible.
a hand holding a piece of paper that says how to deliver awesome and engaging math lessons
How to Deliver Awesome and Engaging Maths Lessons
Tired of the same old way of teaching Math? Discover creative hacks to capture your students' attention and make learning math a fun-filled experience! Understand how everyday resources like UNO cards can make math much more engaging.
UNO Math Center MEGA BUNDLE | Kindergarten to Grade 6
Say goodbye to the dull and mundane math lessons, and say hello to the MOST FUN your students will have in Math all year! This MEGA BUNDLE includes our ready-to-print UNO resources and are about to revolutionize your classroom! From Kindergarten to Grade 6, our UNO templates cover a wide range of math skills, ensuring every student finds their perfect match.
the number of the day worksheet is shown with pencils and markers on it
Fun and Engaging Number of the Day BUNDLE
Transform your classroom with our Number of the Day BUNDLE! With interactive games, engaging activities, and exciting lessons, these resources will help your students develop a love for learning and a strong foundation in early math skills.
the speed numbers division bundle is shown with scissors and markers
Division Speedy Numbers Booklet BUNDLE [Mental Maths Dividing by 2-12]
Are you tired of dull, repetitive division exercises? Transform the way your students approach mental math with the Division Speedy Numbers Booklet BUNDLE – a collection of interactive, engaging, and challenging activities. From dividing by 2 to 12, this bundle covers it all, making the process both enjoyable and efficient!