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Jai Shri Radhe Krishna

"O queen, please rescue this unfortunate person, drowning in an ocean of pain. Place him on the strong boat of your mercy and carry him to the wonderful realm of Your lotus feet.



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Yugala Priya lives in Vrindavan since 1995 and serves in the ashram of her Guru, Balaram Baba, a very well known person in Vrindavan. Yugala Priya also serves at Krishna.

Sreemati Radharani ma

"O Gaurangi, whose complexion is like molten gold! O Radhe! Queen of Vrindavana! O daughter of Vrisabhanu Maharaja! O Devi! O dearmost of Hari! Obeisances unto You again and again!

Sweet Love  Hare Krishna

Sweet Love Hare Krishna