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What a beautiful large low bun! Care however should be taken before adopting such hairstyles, as due to it's high static charge, it will cause phlegm to move up in the throat, causing the voice to quaver & a frequent urge to clear the throat. A heavy chabi chhalla with a long & wide hook if inserted at the edge of the pleats of the saree, will reduce this problem as it's hook will activate the acupressure points that act to keep the throat clear.

How to Drape Indo Western Style Saree 1. Take one end of the Saree, make 6-7 pleats and tuck it in the centre facing left. 2. Tuck such that the remaining length of the Saree is to your left and emerges from the inner most pleat. 3. Ensure the Saree length falls just an inch short of the floor. 4. Tuck Saree towards left measuring your span width. You can even tuck the Saree half way around the back.