Rajan Mahtani
Rajan Mahtani
Rajan Mahtani

Rajan Mahtani

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Even after having a ‘Nolle Prosequi’ conspirator get Dr. Rajan Mahtani arrested- http://goo.gl/L1oSBu

The Ventriglias get Dr. Rajan Mahtani arrested for seeking safety- https://goo.gl/RTsOO8

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Zambezi Portland Cement Factory may soon lose its existence- https://goo.gl/qApBm0

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is Part of Africa’s Development, not Rule of Law Problem- http://goo.gl/RaQJuX

Vice Chairman of Prison Fellowship Zambia, Bishop Enocent Silwamba praises Dr. Rajan Mahtani- http://goo.gl/sAAjOA

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The Ventriglia family continues to make rubbish claims in respect of Portland Cement Zambia- http://goo.gl/KeH7gN