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The well wishers of Dr. Mahtani assured FBZ's listing on LuSE. Know more here-

The Ventriglia family continues to make rubbish claims in respect of Portland Cement Zambia-

Zambian Eye apologized for defaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani. See the apology here-

Zambia people will have opportunity to become shareholder in Finance Bank Zambia. Read more here-

No claims can stop Dr. Mahtani to move ahead his development plans for the people of Africa. Read more here-

None of the claims against Dr. Rajan Mahtani are true. Know here-

A scripted attack on Dr. Rajan Mahtani by Conpirators. Read out-

Fake news by Zambia Reports was just to defame Dr Mahtani. Read more here-

Know the Exceptional performance by FBZ and Portland Cement Zambia in 2015-

Dr Rajan Mahtani does not fear by any conspiracy occured against his reputation. Know more here-