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Salmon Footballs

When your child refuses to eat anything from a spoon, try making these nutritious finger foods. Great way to get little ones to eat oily fish, which is the best source of essential fatty acids, needed for brain development. Omit the salt and pepper for babies under one year.

Krispie Fish Fingers

Rice Krispies make a tasty coating for fish, and I like to make these finger-sized goujons, as they cook quickly and can be easily cooked from frozen. Another good coating to try is crushed cornflakes. Simply cut the fish into strips, coat in seasoned flour, lightly beaten egg and then crushed cornflakes and saut

Krispie Chicken Nuggets

It will be hard to go back to shop bought frozen nuggets after you have tasted these. You can skip the marinating stage if you don

If your toddler is very fussy and just pushing food around his plate, it might be a good idea to try him on finger food.

These delicious flapjack type 'trail bars' are perfect brain booster foods as they are packed full of nutritious ingredients. Oats provide a good source of long lasting energy. It would also be a fun recipe for kids to help make.

Courgette & Raisin Muffins

These courgette muffins are a delicious way to get your child to eat more vegetables ! The grated courgette keeps these muffins lovely and moist.

The trick to sandwiches for little ones is not to have too much bread or too much filling. I flatten the bread by