VAIRDO is in the business of providing custom and pre-configured miniaturized imu, computing, control and sensing platforms for industries from virtual reality smart weapons, compact mini drone sensor & controls, video monitoring and deployable sensors, Robotics, Unmanned systems, consumer electronics. Our markets are in the Military, R&D, consumer electronics and B2B solutions
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OCURA KIT Vairdo‘s OcuRa is a WiFi powered, advanced Micro-Computer with a high performance, low power Quad-Core Arm 7 processor and GPU Engine. It runs on a 4.2.2 Android operating system. OcuRa adds computer vision capabilities and Wi-Fi video streaming to any application. The ultra-small size fits it inside the smallest of user/consumer products and adds a new dimension to computing and Artificial Intelligence for a native application.

Georgia Tech Lab Develops Micro Blimps for Indoor Navigation and Sensing

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