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Chafing is a problem where the skin at your underarms or your inner thighs rubs together, causing a nasty rash that stings and burns. While it is uncomfortable, it is not uncommon in warm climates, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Since it is a kind of friction, it is more likely to happen when you sweat than when you are dry, especially if you are an exercise enthusiast. Here are some measures you can implement to prevent it from happening. *Images courtesy: ©Shutterstock ...

Social media has gone from being a part of our life to being an elaborate canvas of all our lives. Our own mind has become too small a place to record thoughts and memories so we rely on social media to do this for us through status messages, photo uploads and check-ins. But it's not just recording our life; it's also about keeping a check on everyone else's lives too. *Images courtesy: Shutterstock and Thinkstock/Getty Images

What does it take to be a powerful woman or man? Firstly, what does it mean to have power? Though it may mean slightly different things, I have summed it up to these two, Personal Power and Social Power. I just facilitated an amazing workshop for global women leaders where the focus was persuasion and influence; in other words, social power - the ability to articulate and communicate your views so as to affect the opinions of others.

Kalki Koechlin’s Margarita with a Straw looks like an exciting watch for several reasons. One of them being the fact that it deals with an issue that has always taken a backseat in Indian cinema. Kalki plays Laila, a young, free-spirited girl with Cerebral Palsy who struggles with her sexuality and discovers the joy of being in a same sex relationship as she gets involved with a fiery young activist Khanum (Sayani Gupta).

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