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Mahadev - beautiful Shiva, a perfect symbol to meditate on..alternatively one can meditate one ones favourite deity or Ishta Dev (or Divine Mother Durga-Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva).


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Nitin Raj

Navagraha | Navagraha mantra,नवग्रह मंत्र, The Mool mantras ...


Navagraha mantra,नवग्रह मंत्र, The Mool mantras of Navagraha

** "Body, like the mountain... Heart, like the ocean... Mind, like the sky.” Dogen ♥♥ Photo Credit Kewal Gala

PankajSakina • my-spirits-aroma-or:  ॐ Om Namah Shivaya  ॐ

NAVKAR mantra simply serves as a gesture of deep respect towards beings they believe are more spiritually advanced and to remind followers of the Jain religion of their ultimate goal of nirvana or moksa.

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