it amazes me how many people don't know what an ampersand is when I first mention it...

a selection of ampersands available on typekit - a good tool when looking for that "perfect" ampersand

penguin love

This would make an awesome tattoo for a mom with a penguin connection.

by Lemika, Logo of design studio

Giraffe Logo Memorable logo designed by Lemika for Giraffe design studio.

Animodul identity

It is interesting how a single shape such as a circle can become a abstract form of any animal. In this vector we can see how some cuts in the sale and by adding some colors we can see a large variety of animals.

Too Awesome. / A very short story.

Shadow play sculptures from artist Fred Eerdekens. Playing with light, the typography exists as a shadow- intangiable?

Alexander Jeon: I like this design because of the font. Like using one letter but having it form a word I could use this design for the first word i put in my logo.


oh, crop (dark) Women's Dark T-Shirt

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