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Plato's cave analysis - YouTube For an A and A* understanding stretch and challenge yourself with this analysis

Animated analysis of Plato's cave in Book 7 of THE REPUBLIC with reference to the Meno (anamnesis and the discussion on the differen.

introduction to Plato

introduction to Plato

Exams are looming - plan your revision now for success.

Ten top revision tips

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Religious Studies Online - Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Education resources for OCR, Eduqas, AQA and Edexcel GCSE and A level RS

Study hacks

Why don't grade school teachers implement this every year. I didn't know what type of learner I was until I was 30 returning to college. Helps me a lot now & my kids. Think how much more it could help others ~The Best (and Worst) Study Habits

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Supporting Inquiry with Scaffolded, Collaborative Journal Writing Visible thinking is all the rage. Back in the day, visible thinking was referred to as explicit thinking.

▶ A Very Brief Intro to Sociological Theories (A Level / GCSE) - YouTube

***A Very Brief Intro to Sociological Theories--functionalism, Marxism/Conflict theory, feminism, social actionism, and post modernism.