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The many benefits of asafoetida

The many benefits of asafoetida

Health booster

On your regular visits to the local grocery store, you might have noticed packs of curd and yoghurt displayed adjacent to each other in the cold storage section.

A handful of  nuts a day

A handful of nuts a day may be enough to reduce the risk for death from heart disease and other ills.

Dust it off to keep it clean...

Dust it off to keep it clean.

An elusive beast to chase on the best of days

This week's quiz is about fashion

Happiness is a daily task

We have a choice – to resist happiness or to create it. The effort we put in is the same. So, ask yourself: What should I invest my effort in? Happiness or misery?

Natural remedies

beneficial Hypertension can be cured by making some important changes to your diet besides taking medication, writes Preeti Rao

Goodness of amla

It is traditional to offer specific fruit as naivedya to gods and goddesses to please them which is said to bring us good health and wealth. In actuality, this norm is a way to introduce us to the health benefits of these ingredients.