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Dharā (Sanskrit: धरा; Support) is one of the Vasus, gods of the physical cosmos. He represents the earth and the element earth, though Earth is usually the goddess Prithvi rather than a god. Dhārā (Sanskrit: धारा) is a Sanskrit term used to refer to the flow of a stream or waterfall.

Upanishads : "The cream of Vedas" Durga Kali, Friday Wishes, Puja Room, Indian Gods, Gods And Goddesses, Art Pictures, Culture, Sai Ram, Ganesh

Upanishads : "The cream of Vedas"

Upanishads : " The Cream of Vedas" Vedanta ( Veda +anta i.e; the end of Vedas ) as the literal meaning connotes comprises the philosophical portion of Vedas, called the Upanishads. Of about 280 Upanishads unearthed so far, 108 have been accepted as authorised texts , and out of them have been commented upon by great Acharyas lika Sri Sankaracharya , Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Madhavacharya and thus are classified as major.