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there is a sign on the side of the road
a river running through a city next to a fence
a large dam with water coming out of it's sides and trees in the foreground
Porsuk barajı
the bus station is lit up at night
Railway station - Eskişehir
a large dam on the side of a mountain with trees and bushes in front of it
Porsuk dam - Eskişehir
an old stone building with a door in the grass
Elveren shirine-Üçsaray village-Seyitgazi-Eskisehir
an old building sitting on the side of a dirt road next to a field and trees
Hamidiye village institute-Hamidiye Köy Enstitüsü-Constructive: MEB-Year built: 1937-Mahmudiye-Eskişehir (Since the village institutes were closed in 1954, he became a building teacher) (In 1956 the name was changed to Yunusemre primary school teacher) (He became Yunusemre Anatolian Teacher's High School in 1991)
the inside of an old building with lots of pillars and rugs on the floor
Great mosque-Ulu camii-Constructive: Sivrihisarlı Kadı Leşkar Emir Celaleddin Ali Bey-Year built: 1231&1232-Rebuilt: Mikail Bin Abdullah (Emineddin Mikhail)-Rebuilt year: 1274-Repair: İstanbul Kadısı Hızır Bey-Repair year: 1440-Repair: Citizens-Repair year: 1778-Restore: Vakıflar-Restore year: 2013&2015-Sivrihisar-Eskişehir-Turkiye UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List-2016
an old white building sitting on the side of a road
Kavacık village mosque-Constructive: Peasantry-Year built: 18th century-Kavacık village-Günyüzü-Eskişehir
an old building with a tall tower in the background
Yenice mosque-Constructive: Binbaşı Ali Dede-Year built; After 1072-Repair: Mesud Pasha-Repair year: About 300 hundred years ago-Rebuilt: Kara Zaim Bey-Rebuilt year: Unknown-Yenice neighborhood-Sivrihisar-Eskişehir
an old building with a blue flag on it's roof and a tall tower in the background
Güneli (Mamure) village mosque-Constructive: Peasantry-Year built: 1903-Güneli village-Alpu-Eskişehir
an old white building with a tall tower in the middle of it's street
Gecek village mosque-Selçuk bey-Constructive: Umur Bey's son Selçuk Bey-Year built: 15th century-Repair: Yarihi Eserleri Koruma Derneği-Repair year: 1969-Gecek village-Sivrihisar-Eskişehir
an old building with two towers and a clock on the top is surrounded by trees
Husrev Pasha mosque-Constructive: Grand vizier Husrev Pasha(Husrev Pasha was ececuted in 1632. Construction was completed Cifterlu Osman Aga in 1632-1638)-Year built: 1638-Han-Eskişehir
the cars are parked on the side of the road in front of tall buildings and people walking down the street
Zübeyde Hanım Cultural center(Originally Surp Yerortutyun Armenian Church)-Constructive: Armenian citizens-Year built: 19th century-Restore: Cinema (Asri Cinema)-Restore: Vakıflar-Restore year: 1945-Restore: Cultural center-Restore: Tepebaşı municipality-Restore year: 2009-Eskişehir